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Integral policy

Responsible tourism

We are a company of lodging, conformed by an enabled human equipment and it jeopardize with:


THE SERVICE: offering calidez, amiability and the best attention to our guests and clients during his estadía, considering each detail for its Maxima satisfaction, within the framework of the values, principles, duties and rights.


THE SUSTAINABILITY: in the search of the administration of the aspects and impacts environmental, sociocultural, economic and labor of our activities, products and services, including suppliers, to the time that we looked for the objectives of our business.  Guarding by the resources of the water, the energy, gases, the integral handling of the remainders, the flora and the fauna and all the resources with which the Hotel in the benefit of its services interacts.


THE HIRING: we made an effort to offer a transparent hiring to collaborator of local base, tying them of direct way, in right and equitable conditions; opportunities of development and satisfaction of the necessities of our collaborators and employees, so that they make reality the experience of our values.  We focused in selecting to people with values and vocation of the service, to take care of our clients with quality, arranged to collaborate to improve the services permanently.


THE MANAGEMENT OF SECURITY AND HEALTH IN THE WORK: we have the moral obligation to protect to all our employees of accidents and diseases, being diminished the existing risks in all the operations associated with our business, that can affect the health and the security of the workers and contractors.


THE FULFILLMENT OF THE LEGISLATION: We made an effort by its identification, valuation and management of the required plans to fulfill the legal and prescribed requirements that are due to consider in the development of our work; avoiding illicit activities that affect our resources and the image of the hotel.


The prevention of the operation and the abuse of minor, in accordance with the anticipated thing in 2001 Law and 679 Law 1336 of 2009; the infantile labor operation; the nondiscrimination neither exclusion of the vulnerable populations that are in conditions of fragility, or is by their ethnic condition, of sort, age, functional capacity, economic or cultural level.


The conservation and protection of goods of flora and fauna, environmental and cultural - 2000 law 599 - Colombian penal code - 1185 of 2008 1981 ministerial resolution and, law Law 17 number 1367 of 2000.


The cultural patrimony, for which we looked for the balance between the characteristics of our architecture and the flora and fauna of the department, which makes of the establishment a calm and cosy, agreed site to our culture, traditions and values.


To prevent the illicit traffic with cultural goods in the tourist destiny. 1997 law 397, establishes the terms that prohibit the free market of pieces pertaining to the cultural memory of the Nation.


THE IMPROVEMENT: in all our processes, the physical and technological infrastructure for the comfort and satisfaction of our guests and clients and the management of our employees.


THE SUPPLIERS: To maintain with our suppliers and subcontractors a close relationship to make them of our values and management of sustainability contributor.


THE PERSONNEL: To fortify its competitions by means of qualification programs and update that allow him to commit themselves with the implementation of good practices that support the sustainability and its continuous improvement in search of the social benefit, environmental and economic.

“The trips and the tourism are means of personal and collective development.

An open mind is irreplaceable factor for the auto education, the mutual tolerance, the learning and respect to the differences between towns and cultures and of their diversity.


All we are it jeopardize with a responsible tourism.


Some recommendations for it are:


  1. To have an open mind forehead to the cultures and traditions different from hers.
  2. To know and to observe the social and cultural traditions and practices of the place.
  3. To consult the information on its destiny and to know its customs, norms and traditions, to assure responsible behaviors and not to commit any act that is considered criminal in the visited country.
  4. To respect the human rights.
  5. Any form of operation and discrimination harms the main targets of the tourism.
  6. The infantile sexual operation is a fistible crime.
  7. To conserve the natural surroundings: to protect the flora and the wild fauna and its habitat.
  8. Not to buy products elaborated from plants or animals in danger.
  9. To support the use responsible for all the natural resources
  10. To respect the cultural resources: the artistic, archaeological and cultural patrimony.
  11. To contribute to the economic and social development.
  12. To buy local crafts and products, subject to the principles of a commerce just.
  13. To know on the sanitary situation its destiny and the access consular services and emergency.
  14. To assure that their health and its personal security will not be in danger;to confirm that their specific necessities (feeding, accessibility or medical attention) before being decided are covered to travel to a certain destiny.
  15. Not to deal with drugs, protected arms, antiques, species, nor products dangerous or prohibited by the national regulations”.


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